Dear Student

In response to your feedback and the recent government announcements, we have decided to offer online learning in ‘virtual’ classrooms from Monday 30 March. This week do not come to school on Thursday 26 March as this will be a ‘Teacher Only’ day of preparation so that we can prepare our staff for this new way of teaching.
You will receive more detailed information about how to access the Zoom App from your teachers through the WhatsApp class groups that we set up today so you do not need to take any action now.

Switching classes to online learning opens up a whole new world of learning opportunities and it also means that from Monday you will be able to stay home to keep safe and keep learning at the same time.

If you prefer to continue with face-to-face learning next week, this may also be possible. Just let your teacher know if that’s your preferred choice and we will try to arrange that. We suggest you wait until Thursday before making a decision to continue face-to-face because every time we turn on the TV the situation with Corona has changed.

CTIC team